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A note about scanned KRIS bibliography resources.

When we start with a paper, or "hard", copy of a document for inclusion to KRIS we must first scan the document, then put that scanned image through a process called "optical character recognition" or "OCR."  This process is far from perfect. While we do check all documents for errors, we know we find only the most noticeable. Numbers in tables (especially in small fonts) are particularly prone to be misread by the OCR, and depending upon the copy quality, length, and sometimes even the font of the document scanned, it may be impossible to duplicate the original document. If you need to know that what you are reading is absolutely true to the original, please find an original and use it.

The technology of this process is improving every year, but until it is infallible, please do not rely solely upon it. If you do discover errors, please e-mail them to us, and we will attempt to fix them for future editions of KRIS. Thank you.




Note about documents in KRIS